Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Ashame

I am HIGHLY disturbed right now folks. I just witnessed a dude beating on a female in a car right across the street from my home! Then he started fighting her outside of the car! I didn't know what was going on til my lil Sis came and got me while I was in the middle of blogging for today because she saw it first. We didn't know that it was a female in the car until they got out. I called the police.... Three police cars showed up. I didn't see the guy get put in a police car afterwards, so the teen girl must've not pressed charges. I'm feeling bewildered and defeated for what was the right thing to do. The guy was punching her in the face so hard that her head hit onto the roof of the car when they were outside of it. I even had tried going to my next door neighbor house and they didn't answer the door. I don't understand how people see certain things and not act on it, do the right thing. I don't go for that type stuff, AT ALL. I still don't support Chris Brown and never bought one his albums before, and even Rihanna has moved on and I guess forgiven him at this point. Young ladies and women in general,  if you get into that type of situation make sure you press charges so the police can take his ass to jail! When you don't follow through on protecting yourself, it makes it harder for the police to do their job. And you will not be taken so seriously the next time you really need help. Police talk about what a shame it is all of the time, to let a "less than a man" get away with doing wrong.  How do people get to the point where they let someone completely break them as a human being? :-/

I will be posting what I originally was going to blog about tomorrow.

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