Friday, December 23, 2011

Secret Santas and Layaway Angels?

It seems people really are more into the holiday spirit this year! There's been more holiday shopping than what was predicted for this holiday season. Some shoppers are even anonymously paying off multiple layaway balances. It started at Walmart and K-Mart stores and just took off from there across America! It has been an everyday occurrence!

There has been all sorts of other great deeds. 

There was a story on NBC Nightly News about a man losing his wallet full of money with his ID and credit cards. A lady returned it. She didn't take the cash reward for finding and returning it, even though she could've really used the reward money. She has three kids, is unemployed and looking for work. She said she didn't accept the money because she felt like, "Why should she get a reward for doing the right thing that any normal person should do?"

Here's some more great deeds (courtesy of KSDK):

A $50 gold coin was dropped into a Salvation Army red kettle at St. Claire Square Shopping Center in Fairveiw Heights, Illinois. "It was wrapped in a dollar, it was kind of hidden. Once we saw it, we were pleasantly surprised to find the gold coin," said Captain Health Sells with the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army was even more pleasantly surprised at its worth. The coin is valued at $1,800. Another gold coin was placed into an Alton, Illinois Kettle worth $200.

There's a similar story in Portland, Oregon. A South African Gold Krugerrand, worth more than $1,800 was dropped in a red kettle.

In Miami, a Salvation Army bell ringer found a diamond ring. It was wrapped in a a $50 bill using a rubber band. A note was attached: "They need it more than I ... Do good!"

Some icing on top of the cake, all of our U.S. troops are coming back home by December 31st! Welcome home and thank you for serving our country!

Quite frankly, it is so good to hear great things on the news for a change.

Have you heard of these Secret Santas and layaway angels? Have you been one yourself? Who do you plan on paying it forward to in the future?

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