Thursday, December 29, 2011

Toss Him BEFORE New Year's Eve

Have you ever noticed that more couples breakup right before the winter holidays? Especially, right in time for a new year. It just may be that pre-existing problems in the relationship were further enhanced by the stress of the winter holidays. By the way, nothing like Valentine's Day to know exactly what relationship status you stand in. Now you've made some New Year's resolutions, more than half of which you'll quit on, but it was a valiant effort, right? Why not add ridding your life of unnecessary stress to the list? There's nothing like clearing your life of energy draining, two-timing, time wasting, confusing and confused men. Particularly, when you know your limits and have reached the limits.

Here's a collection of clues red hot flags that you need to toss him before New Year's Eve:
  • You're a single mom and have been dating one person exclusively. Now you finally feel comfortable with introducing the guy to your kid. They meet and there's no chemistry. He acts as if he doesn't know what to do with children.
  • You have a guy that doesn't think to involve your child in anything. Doesn't even ask about your child, not even once in awhile.
  • Your child doesn't like him even after your guy has consistently been around.
  • Your family and everyone else doesn't like him. It's not because they're hating on you, they just see things that you can't see because you're so wrapped up into this one person. Or if they've never met  him before, they don't like him from the things that you are specifically telling to them. Either way they're just looking out for you.
  • He doesn't spend any holiday with you.
  • The douche bag puts the relationship on "break" around any holiday, just so he doesn't have to spend money on a gift!
  • He hasn't formally introduced you to his family after you've been dating for a long time.
  • You've never been around him when he's with his group of friends.
  • If you're with him around his friends, then he treats you differently. At this point you're a jumpoff.
  • He has a lot of female friends that he talks about to you all of the time, but he has a problem with you wanting to all hang out together at least once so you can meet.
  • He talks to his female friends about his issues with you, but doesn't ever bring what bothers him to you.
  • He lives with his "ex" still (I meant "roommate") and won't let you meet at his place, hello!
  • He thinks every time you both hang out your clothes are supposed to come off!
  • After hooking up he texts or calls his friends and he has a grin on his face!
  • He has broadcast details of your relationship issues on facebook!
  • You get this feeling that you're being toyed with. Listen to it! It's called female intuition and it's creepily accurate. 
  • He doesn't want to put a condom on at all with you.
  • You find out he cheats on you and only used a condom sometimes. How can you expect him to care about you, if he doesn't even care about the safety and health of himself?
  • He feels uncomfortable when you bring up going to get tested for STD's together. You shouldn't be having sex at all if you can't even discuss serious things together on the topic.
  • You're pregnant and he hasn't been there for you during the whole pregnancy, but you still some how have that fantasy of a family life including him. 
  • He runs a tight schedule. Meaning, he only visits you certain days of the week and only calls you at certain times, like oh, I don't know.. 5 O'clock in the morning!
  • Whenever things are fun in the relationship he's around, but when things are down he pulls the disappearing act.
  • When you decide you'll finally let it go and leave, that's when he decides he wants to get his act together.
  • He says all of the right things, but his actions aren't matching up.
  • You feel like you can't be 100% yourself around him.
  • You've been on a small relationship "break" and the whole time you were sitting there sulking, he was having no problem trying to forget you by already dating other people in no time.
  • When his friends ask why he's so in love with you he can't answer the question. He just knows you're the best he's ever the sack!
  • He plays childish tic for tac games in the relationship and you're really not doing anything wrong to him, he's just plain 'ol paranoid!
  • Whenever you have some plans you want to do with him he always has some excuse as to why he can't participate, including your birthday plans!
  • He's put you into the mom position when you're suppose to be his Lady.
  • He doesn't stick up for you when it counts. 
  • You've spent years together already in there's no mention of the "love" word, marriage, babies, etc.
  • When you ask about moving in together or marriage, he suggest bringing up the topic again in 2024 and laughs it off!
  • There's either explicit pictures of females or explicit messages in his phone! 
  • He has photos of his exes still around his place.. in frames!
  • He loves his video games more than he loves you.. and he's in his 30's!
  • When you ask him why did his last relationship fail, he doesn't give you a real definitive answer. He's probably not really single or he doesn't want you to figure out what relationship baggage he has too soon.
  • When you don't fall for what he thinks is his "suave talk", now all of the sudden you get called bossy, *itch, diva!
  • He doesn't have a five year plan, or has one that doesn't include you somewhere in it!
  • He doesn't choose hanging out with you over his friends (that he see everyday) once in a while and you already don't get to be around each other much, like a long distance relationship!
  • He answers a phone call while you're together, walks into a different room and closes the door to continue the conversation. 
  • You're his back-up plan! Whenever he's bored and there's no one else to talk to, he'll call you. When he's frustrated with the other women, he'll come back to you. When he's a horny horn-dog, he'll want you for some personal entertainment.
  • He keeps doing the things you don't like after getting you back into the relationship because he knows he'll always have you to fall back on forever. 
Your female besties have your back no matter what, but come on! Save your group of female besties from having to sit through another venting session. I bet New Year's Eve you get a kiss and for Valentine's Day next year you won't be alone again if you just say good riddance! You don't want to block new blessings to come now do you?


Nekky said...

Oh my goodness, girl, these are more than enough reasons to toss him even before the day breaks.
Sending you love from African Bloggers Community.

Happy New Year.

RetroFlirt said...

I know right! Thanks and Happy early New Year to you too :-)

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What a funny post! Happy New Years to you!

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RetroFlirt said...

@Rachel Thanks, I'm now following you too! Have a Happy New Year's!