Friday, December 23, 2011

Funnovation Friday Finds 4

I'm assuming many of you out there are enjoying having your home feel cozy and smell like the holidays. Usually I just go for the sugar cookies fragrance or classic cinnamon, but with today's FFF Etsy shop Huntley & Fox I can have fun with these additional scents.

These pure soy candles are the perfect countdown to Christmas in their numbered tin containers. Each day or night can be something different. Number 22 scent being Sugar Pumpkin, number 23 Gingerbread House, number 24 Winter Berry and number 25 scent being Christmas Hearth. These candles can burn for up to 40 hours.

This can make for a great gift to teachers, hostess, last minute gift for a special girlfriend with a card so it doesn't seem last minute (hint hint to fellas). Even a nice anniversary gift. It will be my parents 24th anniversary on Christmas Eve, so I'm sending an early HAPPY 24TH ANNIVERSARY shout-out to them! Lol

What smells remind you of the holidays?

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Lioness said...

Like you I do not like exercise; I think I am allergic to it.