Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh Yeah!

On Saturday, I finally got a chance to get some relaxation in my long awaited candle-lit hot bubble bath sans crying kid with severe separation anxiety! I also enjoyed one of the many variations of Christmas cocktails. I especially enjoyed using my new 100% handmade bath set that I bought from the Soulard Farmers Market. The shop is named Sea Street Soap Works, LLC. They have been selling great products since 1994, but started at Soulard Market in 2003. I have the 2 ounces Really Thick & Good Hand & Foot Cream, in the Meet Me in the Shower scent (around $2.50), the Love Spell Type scent of the 2 ounces shower gel ($2), and the 16 ounces of pure Coconut Oil (unscented $5). The hand & foot cream is exactly what it says it is and has a fresh baby powder scent. The Love Spell rivals Victoria's Secret. I use the unscented coconut oil on my daughter because she has severe eczema and it helps. When I rub it on her my hands get moisturized too, so this is a kill two birds with one stone deal! It was actually really hard to pick out these items since there were so many scents to choose from. There must have been 16 other scents! Sea Street Soap Works, LLC does not just have shower gels, and hand & foot creams up their sleeves, but also incense, bar soaps, massage oils, foaming bath salts, body milk treatments, and those oil diffusers! If you've never heard of oil diffusers, it uses sticks in a jar of oil which deodorizes a room. In other words it is a very chic room freshener. Any way, I'm a very satisfied customer.

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Sarah said...

I see we have even more in common. As you know, I'm a huge fan of buying local and particularly love checking out the farmer's market. Homemade bath products are great because you don't have to worry about all the nasty toxins in conventional brands.
Sarah @ made in usa challenge