Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dreaming of a White Christmas

It just so happened to snow for a little bit here after I made this treasury list five days ago. Though, it wasn't the type of snow that sticks around. In fact, it was barely noticeable unless you watched the weather report on the news early in the morning then you would've just missed it. You would've just woke up and thought the street was wet because of rain. Yesterday it left that ashy residue on cars. In Saint Louis,MO, we don't typically get real heavy duty snow until it's already in the month February. I think it was last year the very first day of snow was right on Valentine's Day. I like the look of snow. Not so fond on the functionality of it. Like I think it was the year before last year that we had a huge snowstorm. There was a HUGE power outage for a good chunk of the winter in St. Louis. Ice was underneath knees height snow, then it snowed again on top of that for a week straight. The weight of it all made trees snap on power lines. The power was out in my home for almost five weeks! Then when summer rolled around the same thing happened again. Everyone went all crazy on the hunt for ice and regenerators! I think the state even sent out the National Guards for the innercity [SMH]. At least during the winter it was cold enough to just take the food (including milk) from the fridge out into coolers in the shed. Yes, it did stay fresh. That's how freezing it was! Not looking forward to freezing and having snow related issues. However, I think this etsy treasury list is very soft and gives the fuzzy nostalgic feeling of seeing the first heavy duty snow of the season!

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