Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vote YES For The Rally Squirrel!

Instead of us Cardinals fans being embarassed, we are actually embracing the Rally Squirrel(s). This squirrel ran right in front of home plate last night and the Cardinals won that game! He/She wasn't too much luck on Tuesday, but he/she redeemed itself. Yes, the last time a squirrel ran across the field during a Cardinals baseball game they won the World Series! The Rally Squirrel has been written about on Wikipedia. You can even contact Rally Squirrel via twitter @BuschSquirrel and facebook. He/She already has followers! He/She is also planning to pull a stunt for the next game too!

We should give him/her a real name. I'm thinking of a "Chuckles" or "Speedy". "Nutmeg" is nice since it's a combination of a boy and girl name. Or what about "Dart", seeing that he/she darted into the stands after dashing across the field? What would you name the Rally Squirrel, besides "Rally Squirrel"?

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