Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prepping for the World Series

Okay, to get you all caught up on where I last left off while this thing called life was happening, here's a Cardinals week in review:

Friday night (the 14th), the Budweiser Clydesdales were busy making special deliveries. They delivered beer to bars and restaurants in downtown St. Louis. It's always majestic seeing them, everyone always automatically take pictures! They are such a big part of St. Louis and baseball. The Clydesdales always open the season circling Busch Stadium. It's something people can remember for the rest of their life. They even made an appearance before game 5 outside of Busch Stadium!

Cardinals won game 5 (beating Milwaukee 7-1). Game 6 was also won (12-6) taking us to the World Series on the 19th at 7:05pm (CDT)! Go hometown advantage!

Cardinals celebrating while Brewers fans are silenced.
Of course that meant that Cardinals World Series gear would sell like hot cakes! Everyone wants the official locker room shirts seen on the Cardinals players during the locker room celebration. Workers at Picturesque Graphics, on Choteau in South City, cranked out shirts at a pace of about 3,000 an hour. Work on the shirts had begun as soon as the Cards won. The official Cardinals team store at Busch Stadium opened early at six in the morning yesterday.

Also yesterday, the city got ready for our close up by stenciling streets with logos and painting the field at the stadium. Though the crew had to race to cover freshly painted banners in front of the dugouts because of rain, they got the job done underneath tents. At this point they're pros with the Cardinals going to the World Series so many times!

And in other news, Rally Squirrel had been captured and released. The Wildlife Resource Center in Ballwin, says he is happily living in a hickory tree. He still gets around and is still up to his antics:

Enjoying some of St. Louis famous
 frozen custard from Ted Drewes!

Rally Squirrel?! Fan pic
Not to be out done, Torty the tortoise is still a fan favorite. He is the pet of Cardinals #21, Left Fielder Allen Craig. He's also a hit on twitter @tortycraig. As a matter of fact, being a big mouth on twitter was his big start back in September with over 6000 followers! He has merchandise benefiting the Animal Rescue Foundation.

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And now you're all caught up to today.

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