Sunday, October 23, 2011

Manifest Destiny of the Cardinals

Game 3 was not all luck against the Rangers, it was part of the manifest destiny for the Cardinals! They used professional skills and took advantage at opportune moments. BUT you know how us baseball fans are so superstitious any way. So here are some events that happened that could have attributed to another extremely successful outcome:
  1. The Budweiser Clydesdales were able to make another appearance before game 3, this time at the Rangers baseball stadium!
  2. There's plenty of born and raised Texans who are actually Cardinals fans!
  3. Albert Pujols was more than a little upset from losing the previous game and didn't hold any interviews after the game. The media tried to get on his case about it, but he took his frustrations and turned it into positive energies for game 3. Totally smashing the Texas Rangers to smithereens, ending the game with a score of 16-7!
  4. I was eating Baby Ruth's candy during the game! Now Pujols is part of the record breaking ring with the likes of Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson for hitting 3 home runs in a single World Series game! Babe Ruth did it in game 4, of 1926 and 1928. Reggie Jackson did it in game 6 of 1977.
  5. Overall, we're gonna win the whole she-bang because we're overdue and on the quest for 11.
 I'm just saying...LOL

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