Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Then And Now: The President

Pic of President Barack Obama in his college days.

What is up with the increasing gray hair on the President and all Former Presidents for that matter??? Once they get some time into the White House they should just already expect the hair to be completely different by the end of their term. Perhaps, it's a combination of stress and knowledge beyond our civilian brains. Hmm.. I wonder what does First Lady Michelle Obama think of her husband's hair? I know I wouldn't mind it, but guys are so filled with pride. If it really brothered a guy, then I would just buy him Rogaine and call it a day! Guys would probably just turn that gesture right around. They would take it as we don't find them attractive enough anymore or that they must really need it at that point. I know my "special" guy friend is way particular about his hair, especially, when it comes to getting haircuts. I can only imagine that he would drive himself straight into a mid-life crisis just over a few gray hairs years from now!

What do you think of President Obama's hair? Ladies would you care if the guy in your life started getting gray hairs?


Sarah said...

It's got to be the stress of the position that's aging them faster. I think gray hair on a man is pretty sexy though!
Sarah @ made in usa challenge

RetroFlirt said...

I agree Sarah with both of your comments. Some men can really pull it off!