Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baseball Movie Favorites

Whether it's over the summertime or during the World Series most people will enjoy a good baseball movie. Movies related to baseball that I enjoy while relaxing and munching on popcorn include:
  1. The Sandlot
  2. A League of Their Own
  3. The Jackie Robinson Story
  4. The Pride of St. Louis
  5. The Rookie
  6. Field of Dreams
  7. The Bad News Bears
  8. Kid From Left Field
  9. Mr. 3000 
  10. Rookie of The Year
  11. 61*
  12. Major League

These movies will surely continue to create new memories for generations to come. Especially, with some of these movies having the best timeless and memorable quotes. Now who can ever forget, "There's no crying in baseball!", from A League of Their Own or the emphasis on the word "forever" in the movie, The Sandlot?By the way, Kevin Costner is "the go to guy" when it comes to baseball films, isn't he? He has starred in films: Bill Durham, Field of Dreams, and For The Love of The Game.

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Woody said...

The Sandlot is EASILY the best baseball movie, I agree! :)