Monday, October 3, 2011

A Great Union

Today is President and First Lady Obama's 19th wedding anniversary. Brings me back to January 19, 2009.

That was a very touching, romantic, elegant, and historical moment for me. I mean a complete blubbering mess! Beyonce was emotional during her own performance! I bet even the people who aren't hopeless romantics were moved to at least one tear trying to escape. Etta James beautiful song "At Last" really envelopes around the whole event. That song was very appropriate for the occassion on multiple levels. One level being the long struggle to get into the White House. The second level obviously being that the Obama's were having a first dance. I wonder what the statistics of that song being used at first dances in weddings were after that day? As it is already a popular choice and surely spiked off the charts that year! It doesn't hurt to see a healthy power-house of a couple in the media. I definitely think the key ingredients in a long term relationship are: forgiveness, communication, having an active lifestyle together. If you have that as part of your foundation everything else you want can fall in line with work on both ends.

First Lady Michelle Obama's dress was
designed by designer Jason Wu.

Similar airy appliqued dress for $3,000+ available at BHLDN:

Yeah, that $3000+ was a buzz kill, beautiful gown though! Happy anniversary to the then happy couple and hopefully still happy and strong couple now! Every great man needs a great woman to back him up, and every great woman doesn't deserve to be alone.

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