Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playlist: Chuck Berry and Baseball

Chuck Berry

Happy birthday to The Prime Minister of Rock 'n' Roll, Chuck Berry! Today he is 85 years old! He is a musical legend in St. Louis and is still performing. He performed in game 5 of the playoffs singing the National Anthem. In the U-City Loop there's a 8 foot tall statue of him. He struck stardom with hits like "Johnny B Goode and "Roll Over Beethoven." Here's a list of his other songs. His musical influence is Muddy Waters and Nat "King" Cole. So in the middle of fan excitement, in honor of Chuck Berry and all the Cardinals milestones here's a tiny playlist of the baseball songs I like:

  1. Jack Norworth -Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  2. Queen - We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions
  3. Woodrow Buddy Johnson - Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball
More songs!


ms.composure said...

yes!!! some of those are my fav songs as well. i def didnt know it was his bday!!! thanks for sharing


RetroFlirt said...

Glad you enjoyed this post!