Friday, October 28, 2011

FANtastic Friday Morning

Of course I am having a FANtastic Friday morning! Last night game 6, greatest game in baseball history! Eleven innings, tied points, last chances, strike outs, hits, errors, fireworks. The ending score: Cardinals 10, Rangers 9! "And we will see you tomorrow night!", best words of the game. The hero of the game, Cardinal #23, Mr. Freese, making a home-run! It was such a neck and neck, nail biter game. I always did think it was going to come down to a game 7. I actually prefer these type of games over the ones where there is a big lead and a clear winner. Quite honestly, I was getting tired of the kind of games that take forever before someone gets a single point. Just one fabulously immaculate game is all I needed and I'm all set. Whatever happens after this point I'm truly cool, eventhough another win with a trophy and bragging rights would be even cooler. Take me out of the microwave 'cause I'm done folks! And yes, once again the Clydesdales made an appearance before game 6 and I was eating a Baby Ruth mini candy bar.

I also enjoyed some double fudge pan brownies.
 Yep, no calorie counting over here.

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