Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Share The Love!

Here at RetroFlirt, I sure do use the word love alot, but nothing is wrong with that! Who doesn't need some love from someone or somewhere in their life? I would like to take a moment and just openly rejoice and be grateful. I've always known there are greater things in life than just worldly things. I'm happy and blessed to have my wonderful daughter and to have my home. I'm glad I got to see that my faith is stronger. Not once did I doubt or question God. He has his reasons and who am I to question Him? That's not my place. Sure I was stressed, but who wouldn't be? It wasn't enough stress to make me just give up though! In my mind I said, "We would be okay no matter what, as long as we have each other". Luke 12:22-34, comes to my mind right now.

My daughter,
 pic from last year holiday season.

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