Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dita Stole My Dream Kitchen!

InStyle Magazine February 2011
Dita Von Teese in her own kitchen!

Dita Von Teese sure did walk right into my "ReRe the Homemaker" dream and steal all my ideas for this retro kitchen. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! It possesses so much personality and charm with a touch of kitsch. This article even came with a dang-on recipe of Dita's Spiced Mice Butter Cookies!

I've ALWAYS dreamt of my retro kitschy kitchen being like that. That's why it pained me when two "hope snatcher" men callously dashed all my hopes of inheriting this beauty:

All that was needed was a good cleaning with elbow grease.

R.I.P. Westing House

This oven range has been in the basement of my parents home since the beginning. My mother got sick of looking at old stuff. So, she called in the two hope snatchers to pick up Westing House. They hauled her up the basement steps, dragged poor Westing House across the ground, and loaded her on to the back of a truck on nice hot day. Of course having sweet midwest manners, I offered the hope snatchers a cold drink. The only thing I could do was take pictures of Westing House moments before her fate.

However, I did find Elmira Stove Works company. This company sells customizable kitchen appliances in authentic vintage style with modern perks! I love the Northstar appliance line with so many color options!

 "Grandma never had it so good!"

Electronic Clock Controls

Sealed Gas Burners

High-speed Radiant Electric Elements

Warming Drawer

Self-cleaning oven

Elmira Stove Works has been featured in Rachel Ray's kitchen. They also have appliances on the B!tc#in' Kitchen show, which could be taken as the b!tc# in the kitchen, just saying.
What do you wish for in your dream kitchen?

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