Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feelings And Caffeine = Insomniac Mess

Le Cafe tote bag at Etsy Shop Apseed
Apparently, strong emotions and drinking coffee doesn't mix well with me! I'm already an night owl and I finally went to sleep around 1AM, until my body decided to still wake up right before 3:30AM. It was clear that I wasn't going back to sleep no matter how hard I tried to fake sleep my way back into dreamland. I did what any normal person would do, go fix themself a warm drink. It just happened to be coffee. Well, okay, it wasn't a coincidence that the drink was coffee because I love it! I'm an admitted coffee fiend. 

I hadn't had a strong cup in a really long time either. By the time it was 6:45AM I was like this:

Photo of band: Mutemath - Blood Pressure (video)

Even though I felt like this at the same time:

I kind of wanted to do this to someone in particular :

Or even do this:

(Sigh) I need some serious tension release. Looks like I have no other choice but to rock out!


Lorraine said...

Sorry you are having trouble sleep but, uh, I love every song you listed here.

I'm currently on a coffee detox, too, because I work upstairs from a Starbucks. UGH.


RetroFlirt said...

Oh, the torture of Starbucks everyday! Thanks for the comments and membership to 20SB. You seriously just gave me a boost!