Friday, September 9, 2011

Graham Sticks and OJ

I know that I cannot possibly be the only person on the planet that enjoys dipping my graham crackers into a nice cold glass of orange juice! So I came across this yummy recipe while doing some research googling at

Graham Crackers Smoothie

1/4 Cup Of Crushed Graham Crackers (I use Back To Nature brand Graham Sticks,100% Natural)
1 Whole Ripe Peeled Banana
1 Whole Small Quartered Crisp Green Apple
1 Tablespoon Of Liquid Bees Honey
1 Tiny Dash Of Fresh Ground Cinnamon (optional)
2 Cups Of Vanilla Flavored Soy Milk (I like Bolthouse Farms brand, good source of protein)
2 Cups Of Orange Juice (I love Simply brand)

Serving Size 1
410 Calories Per Serving
5 Grams Of Fat

To start the preparation process first crumble all the graham crackers and then place them into your blender. Next slice up a banana and place that into your blender. Now quarter your apples, remove the seeds from them, then toss that ingredient into the mix. Now that your staple ingredients have been added you will then want to pour into your blender the yummy honey, fresh ground cinnamon, vanilla flavored soy milk, and all of the orange juice. If you have access to fresh squeezed orange juice then that will provide a far superior flavor than the processed juice. You're all set to begin blending so puree all the ingredients for one to three minutes or until the smoothie is silky smooth and even. If the finished smoothie is too thick for your preference then simply blend in additional juice or soy milk. Obviously you can swap the soy milk for cow's milk if you prefer, however cow's milk does occasionally curdle when it's added to orange juice.

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