Saturday, September 17, 2011

Christina Aguilera - Candyman

The fashion in this Christina Aguilera video is that of a young 1940's USO woman!

Rationing of fabrics made women focus on their looks even more. The goal: to still look and feel gloriously feminine and beautiful. The good news is that we all can recreate this style today!

Besame Cosmetics is a must-have for achieving your 1940's look, especially, for in the boudoir! I first discovered this company from a very helpful website. They have the best victory red lipstick, which is a true classic red. It comes in a velvet cover-slip!  There are more brands out there cheaper and readily available at any local drugstore, of course, it won't come in fancy vintage packaging.

Model: Bernie Dexter
This is in her actual boudoir!

Eyebrows were shaped natural, but stray hairs were tweezed to have clean arches. Like in today's fashion world, false lashes and mascara were used. Eyeshadow was more of nude and grey hues. Nails were worn short to mid-length.

Actress, singer, dancer, Betty Grable,
the famous pin-up girl of the 1940's.

Hair, very important. The 1940's hairstyles are ultra glamorous and more importantly timeless!

Women sporting their "Victory Rolls" at the beach.

One of the carefully crafted hairstyles of the forties is the "Victory Roll" aka the "Side Reverse Roll", named after a combat air maneuver. To set hair women used either rollers or pinned curls at night, and then slept on them to produce curls in the morning. When the rollers or pins came out, hair was given a minimum of brushing, not to remove the curls but make them softer towards the ends. Hair near the crown was sectioned on each side and pinned up, off the face.

How-to Video:

Back seam hosiery was more likely to be in rayon fabric, since real silk went toward use in parachutes for troops.

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There are different types of dresses, as well as hats, for different occasions in this era.

Popular shoes were wedges and round toe pumps.

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Together we can encompass the classy romance of yesteryear!

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