Tuesday, September 13, 2011

History Repeats Itself

Now I kind of feel compelled to do a little blogging about life in the 1940's era. Yes, when something interest me I get into librarian mode LOL. I just have to get as much information as possible soaked into my brain! I usually like the 1950's era for the unattainable ideal perfect American lifestyle. I only say "unattainable" because there is no perfect family, but there is an American lifestyle. I like the 1960's era full of the civil movements that furthered progression of African Americans. Also, can't forget about space explorations! I even like the free Indian hippies spirit of the 1970's, which is still reflected in today's form of most indie music bands. It seems though, that the present day had somewhat rotated toward the 1940's. With us being in hard times, people are trying to be smarter with their money.  History always repeats itself in some form, even though, we're supposed to learn from our mistakes. The saying, "You can't understand your future without first understanding your past." is so true.

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