Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shark In The Water

Vanessa Brown (born October 24, 1983) is another great artist from the UK!

For some reason when I listen to VV Brown's album, "Travelling Like The Light" it makes me think of people enjoying a nice cold bottle of coke vintage style with singing, dancing, and all smiles! Perhaps, it's because Ms. VV Brown has as much pop and bang as a bottle of shaken soda pop! She even has a song called "Bottles" on the album.  

I've had this debut CD ever since July 2010 so yeah it's been a minute. Hey, now that I have my own blog I can type about anything I want, so I'm finally doing it. The album also has its fair share of slow songs too.

Here's a slow goody:

L.O.V.E this song along with all the others:

Her first single was "Shark In The Water" and with that forward roll for a bang it sure is reminiscent to a hammerhead shark! Just saying the only person it looks great on is VV Brown and all the vintage women before her that knew what they were doing. She totally had a few people (including me) trying to recreate her hairstyle by putting a roller in the front of their head. LOL


I would so raid her closet, she's such a doll! <3

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