Thursday, September 8, 2011


My Grandmother

When my Grandmother gifted to me a pink train case with light blue interior at the age of nine, the admiration and obsession of vintage train cases began! I would use it as a bed for baby dolls or put my sewing materials into the case. Yes, at age nine I was already sewing and making doll clothes with my older cousin. My Grandmother also gave my cousin a train case at the same time, which was the same burnt orange color as the She & Him album cover art (Volume Two album) with a blue interior. Til this day I still have the first one I ever had. However, now it just carries an Besame Cosmetics catalougue and a picture of my daughter.

It has old water marks now. In used condition.

From band She & Him album Volume Two.
 I love this album cover art and the album
has that great vintage sound! Available on vinyl also.

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