Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Horror At The Market!

Nothing beats a great trip to your local farmers market! Unfortunately, I had a camera malfunction so I personally couldn't take any photos. It's quite a drive from where I live, but it is still located in St. Louis, MO. Soulard Farmer's Market is the oldest market in St. Louis. It's origins date back to 1779! It was started by Antoine Soulard and his wife Julia Soulard. Julia had acquired the deed to the piece of land on which the market still sits today. Officially in 1841, Julia had two city blocks for two main buildings.

Okay so now that we got some brief history out of the way..

I decided to do a little Thanksgiving Day shopping yesterday morning. I was passing by a butcher shop in one of the outdoor wings of stands. I didn't really get a chance to catch the company name of this particular shop because I was too preoccupied with staring in shock and amazement at their items. I was looking at freshly killed (probably like that same morning type of fresh) and skinned opossum, muskrats, and beaver! The beaver still had it's tail attached and the skin was still on it! Then they had live white ducks and chickens just waiting around in cages off to the side of the counter. My sister was completely grossed out. I was not completely grossed out, I more was like entranced sort of.. I don't know, sometimes I can be quite morbid. Or maybe it somewhat had an affect on me. Hence, I'm typing this now to get it out of my brain and unleashing it onto you. LOL it was probably best that my camera was out of commission at that moment! I just never ever saw those animals in person before, sad they had to be already dead. As I was pointing at the sign that said what type animals they were a women came over with her friend and actually was like, "Hmmm, opossum! That's right up my alley with a little gravy!" The realization of it being food.. for people. That's when I was just done. Her friend was just as turned off by it.  

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