Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering

Just to catch up on the recent Halloween madness, I actually saw three scary and weird movies throughout  yesterday all by my lonesome. I didn't have any nightmares either! Later in the day I got the candy bowls ready. Then I got my kid into her costume and ready to go around 6PM. She went from zero costume to two costumes! As soon as the first costume went on I became paparazzi to my kid, as usual. The first costume is a handmade Princess Fairy or a Fairy Princess. Whichever way you want to look at it, it came out awesome and adorable! I'm so proud of me!


Of course, the Princess Fairy is making
flowers blossom with her enchanted fairy dust wand!

After taking some photos outside of the first costume, we headed back in for a wardrobe change. I was trying my best to preserve those wings before they got completely destroyed by my active tot! She was banging them into everything in her path! LOL

Second costume is ELMO!

And I got it for only $1.99, no tax!

Naturally, the first house we went to was my next door neighbor. She always has a bonfire going in the driveway when it gets too dark and cold. But this year she was thinking outside of the box. Her family spent the whole month working hard on her yard decor, which had 10 times more items than last year. These photos doesn't even capture everything!

 Notice the Cardinals pumpkin carving (on bottom row).

My kid got started early on the candy. Major teeth brushing went on that night! My next door neighbor house was the only house I originally intended to stop by, but after having the festivities end so quick, I decided to go back home and pridefully put my kid back into the Princess Fairy costume and we hit up the block. Instead of one or two pieces of candy she got handfuls of candy for being so cute.

Ran into one of my kiddo's friends 
 at the same place, at the same time.

Party-pooped out with my Lil Sis holding her at 7:20pm.
We got home before 7:30PM, and still managed to pass out candy to trick or treaters. I went into my house for the night after that. And was right on time for two Halloween episodes of the show Martin I like to watch every year on Halloween. I also caught some of Ghost Hunters Live show, (which is also a favorite of mine) while my kiddo went to sleep on my lap right at 9PM. Yeah, I know, such an eventful night! LOL


Woody said...

Very nice! You made that fairy costume? Including the wings?

I had zero trick or treaters, and I was really confused as to why. Then I realized my front light was burnt out... so now I have a bunch of candy I will probably never eat haha.

RetroFlirt said...

Thnxx! Yeah I still have a box filled with candy from last year. It was alot more trick or treaters this year for me. I think last year everyone must've had other plans or was just down on the Halloween spirit.