Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Flipside To the Farmers Market Story

Yes, there's is at least an cute fairytale-like ending to the horror at the Soulard Farmers Market. I went to the petshop with my daughter and enjoyed watching her look at all of the live cute pets. Now I want to get a Golden Comet Fish and a SUPER ADORABLE bunny rabbit. Not just any old rabbit, a Lion-headed Rabbit! It was twenty-six dollars. Just as cute as can be in a large cage with two other rabbits. They had to be at least 6 weeks old. The one I particularly adore is a brown color and the other two are jet black. I didn't like the idea of just the one being sad and lonely. So I thought I might have to comeback and get two. But then the one left at the shop would be sad! Then two of them (the brown one and one of the black ones) did the cutest thing ever. They shared this one big carrot that was hanging in between the space in the cage and it looked like they were kissing each other! I know, I know, just made me want to explode into glitter like a Ke$ha or something LOL. So now I have my mind set on getting all three if I can, if they are still there, which I doubt because they are so awesome!

All of the reviews I've read say they are great with people, other lion headed bunnies and some other pets (depending on that particular pet's temperment). They love attention and have their own personalities.

Back to reality though. I don't know too much about rabbits. I never had one before and don't have any supplies that they need already. I know that part of the care of rabbits is that they require lots of fur grooming. The Lion Head Rabbit doesn't shed as much as other rabbits when they are older.  BUT when they are younger they go through stages of shedding. The mane on it's head is made of wool so really have to comb it out or else they could injest too much of their own fur.

Here's what the lion head looks like:

pic via Google

Click to see bunny in action from aftertherainrabbitry.

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