Thursday, November 17, 2011

Needing A Hit Of Happiness?

Here's some clues:
  1. Kissy-feely PDA couples make you sick!
  2. The only time you're in tune with nature is when you go to your car, or see a nature TV show!
  3. When someone asks, "Is somebody having a bad day?", you actually growl!
  4. If for this Christmas your boyfriend gives you a new sweat suit!
  5. If at number 4 you were wondering, "What boyfriend?"
  6. If you don't even feel like going through the "getting to know someone new phase" all over again.
  7. You blow off your girl friends because you're too busy... doing a whole bunch of nothing.
  8. You have a seriously lulled libido.
What would you add to the list???

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