Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lunch At The Fountain

Today I had lunch with my family at The Fountain On Locust.

It is a retro, art deco styled ice cream parlor which also serves lunch and dinner.

When you first walk in this is what you see:

Antique radio.

Shadow boxes of ice cream and awards.

Ceiling art and light.

Checkered floor.
When you get seated you can take in more of the view:

Wall murals.

Speakers at the booths play a different vintage
radio soap opera every two minutes!

The forehead featured is my lil Sis LOL.
The (cute) guy to the right in the blue shirt is our server.
The Fountain On Locust prides itself on being voted the best ice cream parlor. Not surprising because the owner, Joy Grdnic (no I didn't misspell that), gets her ice cream from a family-owned Wisconsin dairy. It is the home of the ice cream martini. But before I get to that, they serve you delicious, hot, garlic basil cheese bread brushed with olive oil while you wait on your food. Unfortunately, we demolished it before I could even get any pictures of it! The presentation was beautiful enough for pictures. 

And now for that ice cream martini:

I had the Espresso Martini. A+
Eventhough it was too early for drinking,
I had to take a picture.
BTW it's not a sin to drink, only to be drunk.
I also had The Champion and a Tortilla Soup. Two A+'s are my scores. The Champion is a mozzarella cheese and meatball sub sandwich, with tomato sauce of course. Who would've ever thought about combining tortilla chips into soup? Apparently, Joy Grdnic did and it works! The evidence of that is this:

That's what's left now!
The Fountain On Locust does have the reputation of having the best soups made from scratch everyday.

They even have the award for best restroom in America! I think this is arguable. While the restroom decor is different, it did not stop me from seeing used paper towels on the floor instead of in the half filled trash can and the sink tops were completely covered with water. The OCD in me wiped down the sinks, and picked up the paper towels with a latex gloved hand (courtesy of my purse where I keep extras). Yeah, I seriously have some degree of OCD. The restrooms could've been worse though, so B+.

But any who here's the restrooms:

Ladies Only

Stall door

The Soda Fountain circa 1932 St. Louis, MO.

The sink after I wiped it down.

The gentlemens&ladies restroom:

Historic Locust Street, "Automotive Row", St. Louis, MO
circa 1920. It looks the same way out front.
Except, of course, without the horse drawn carriage and old cars.

The ceiling.

Antique scale.

Me on the scale!

My lil Sis reflection in the mirror.
  Yeah, we headed out after feeling like wierdos for playing in the restroom. That was before I found out that The Fountain On Locust is also the most photographed restaurant in St. Louis. I'm definitely no food critic, but no wonder I felt compelled to do a little photo shoot with all of the old fashion in the relaxed atmosphere.

This joint also host Burlesque Bingo as part of the "Locust Late Nights" events. Hmm.. I might have to come back without the family (wink wink) LOL. Just kidding just kidding. Don't get your panties in a bunch (pun intended)!

Overall, I enjoyed myself. A+


Anonymous said...

I love this place, too! Every visit is a whole new experience because I discover something different each time... both on and off the menu!

RetroFlirt said...

Thanks for commenting! That was my first time but I'll be back in the future.

RetroFlirt said...

And a big THANK YOU to The Fountain for tagging my post on their facebook page! (Don't worry folks, no one was paid for any opinions expressed on RetroFlirt or at The Fountain On Locust on Facebook)