Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hair Trend: A Fishtail Braid

Rihanna rocking her red fishtail!
For a fun versatile hairstyle try the fishtail braid! It can transform chic to boho to flirty and whimsical.

Items that will help you achieve the look:
  1. Bobby pins.
  2. Elastic band.
  3. Texturizing styling cream or wax, like a pomade.
  4. Clip-in hair pieces or weave, if a thicker fishtail is desired.
It has an intricate look, but it is simple to create!

Here's how-to:

Phase 1: Divide

Gather all of your hair to one side. Rub in some pomade down the length of your hair to give it some grip. Divide the tail into two sections, keeping them seperate while braiding.

Phase 2: Cross

Take a small section from the outside of one half and cross it over the front to the other side, adding it to the other half. The smaller the piece, the more intricate your braid will look. Repeat on the other side with a same size section of hair.

Phase 3: Repeat

Continue down the length of your hair all the way to the ends. Secure it with an elastic; leave some hair out framing the face.

Need the steps repeated, because you're probably like, "huh?", right now?
  1. Pull hair back into a tight ponytail.
  2. Separate the ponytail into two strands.
  3. Once you have separated the pony, start out by holding the two strands in your left hand.
  4. Now, take a thin piece from the outside of the right strand and join it with the left strand. 
  5. With your left hand take a thin piece from the outside of the left strand and join it with the right strand
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get the desired look. Then finish with an elastic or rubber band.

Angela Simmons fishtail braid
is two-toned with highlights!


Woody said...

I'll be sure to try this ;) haha

I've never seen this before, though! It's kind of cool looking.

RetroFlirt said...

Woody you're so silly! LOL :-)