Tuesday, January 24, 2012


OMG I just got hip to Curly Nikki and I like her style! She offers great hair tips and DIY home treatment ideas for the au naturalle hair type, think curly-fros, twists, and braids.

At the House of Rush beauty launch in London,
Noisettes’ singer Shingai Shoniwa
swept her natural coils to one side,
topping the look with a jaunty fascinator.
Alicia Nicole Walton, the writer and psychotherapist, can be found giving advice on multiple websites:
  1. Her natural hair care blog, http://www.curlynikki.com/ 
  2. Thursdays at Essence in the Hair category.
  3. Huffingtonpost.com  in Black Voices.
I'm a new naturalista! Yes, I've been relaxer free for almost a year honey! I would say I'm just about at 70% natural. Meaning, you may have a natural look but that doesn't mean all of the products it took to get that look were 100% organic. That would be an pretty accurate assessment of my whole lifestyle right now too because it is not totally holistic. Holistic to me is on a completely different level. Let's face it! If I were to give birth for a second time, then I would so get an epidural again! I just know I want to incorporate some healthier ways into my daily life. I definitely use 100% organic hair treatments on my daughter though. Especially, because she is a curly girly and at two years old African-American hair can get out of control, plus, she has eczema! Right when I was just about to give up on the maintenance of my own natural hair, I stumbled upon Curly Nikki's website through googling the subject of her latest article on Essence  for "benefits of henna gloss for natural hair". Ironically, I found this encouraging post on her blog.

At the Inspiration Awards for Women,
Kim Coles added a sparkly accessory to her
 short, springy natural curls.

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