Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fix Staticky Winter Hat Hair
This is Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. It really is a hair potion because it is in powder form in the bottle but when you sprinkle it on the roots of your hair it turns lotiony. From the reviews I've seen though, it is better to have activated the product in your hands, rather than abundantly douse your roots. The product tends to clump fine hair. But it does get rid of annoying staticky winter hat hair. It is designed to give hair body and texture with natural bulking agents (acacia gum and kaolin clay). Aveda products are widely known for their use of pure plant and flower essences. The texture and body you'll have in the end results depends on how you: rub it into you hair, use it on damp hair, use on dry hair at the roots, or before you set hair in rollers. If you rub potion through dry and greasy hair it'll double as a dry-shampoo by helping absorb excess oil. To activate product at the roots: section off hair and lift, sprinkling it right on the roots, then rub it in. This technique creates that "second-day hair" look. It is only an 0.7 ounce bottle priced at $24.00 on, but you can find it on Amazon priced at $16.79. A little goes a long way. Have any of you previously used this or heard of this product?

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