Monday, January 9, 2012

Celeb Mommy I Dig Right Now

Reasons to love Kourtney Kardashian:
  • I love the fact that she is a real mom. On every episode of her television show she's right there with her son Mason. She is obviously very involved in the well-being of her son.
  • Whoa! She literally pulled out her own baby during his birth, so bad ass!
  • She strives to be healthy with excercise, eating healthy, not smoking, and positive attitude.
  • She's into the holistic lifestyle this season on her show, even if at times it's to the extreme. You wouldn't see me getting an olive oil enema! LOL Hey, to each their own, right?
  • She is informed about things that not every celeb mom would be aware of, like, she actually prefers that her son toys be made of natural wood instead of potentially toxic plastic.
  • She attempted extreme couponing even though she's rich, which was a hoot to watch on the show!
  • She doesn't let photographers get out of control around her kid. Hence, every picture I've seen of them together is from afar.
  • She doesn't stand for any B.S. If something bothers her, then she's able to say it with class!
  • She's a smart business woman.
  • She has a fabulous sense of fashion (preppy, boho, glam, chic, and sometimes retro) and doesn't slack off with the fashion of her son Mason either.
  • She has fabulous shiny hair.
Make no mistakes though, that I am in any way looking at celebs as role models to emulate for my own household. You should be your child's own role model. It is just refreshing to know that some people out there take their role as a parent seriously.

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