Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top Ways To Get Over An Ex

*All of these are in no particular order and more things will most likely be added.

  1. Change your hair (got two wigs).
  2. Go out with just the girls (Happy Hour).
  3. Get a new flattering outfit.
  4. Get the mani/pedi.
  5. Find something to work on to distract yourself (DIY project you've been procrastinating on).
  6. Take up some things you've always wanted to do (writing blog).
  7. Mingle with other people (even if you don't feel like it). 
  8. DON'T write off a guy that approaches you too soon (try not to be bitter) EXCEPT if you just know off top he isn't your type. 
  9. DON'T UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LISTEN TO SAD BREAKUP SONGS OR LOOK AT WEDDING MARATHONS (instead listen to empowerment songs or songs you love on any regular day anyway.
  10. DON'T keep in contact with your ex if the breakup was over him being a douche-bag, disrespectful towards you, or non-supportive of you.
  11. Write about your feelings.

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