Thursday, August 25, 2011

Am I Right Or Am I Right?

It's funny how after a whole week of knowing my situation my ex was no where to be found, but now all of the sudden he has been making sure to call me everyday this week. He didn't call not even once during a whole week, that's the thing that bothers me. Meanwhile, everyone else that knows called at least more than a handful of times on multiple days just to listen and help problem solve (not pity me). Now that I think of it, it was a struggle to get in contact with him the week before that as well and in the last weeks of July he had minor cosmetic surgery. The night before he even went in I called him and then through out his recovery I checked in. 

He's soo self absorbed that in his own mind, he thinks he did nothing wrong. Maybe he's just a little right if he thinks that way about my home situation. I didn't actually ask him for anything but naturally if you really cared for someone you would offer help and check on them, right? Am I right or am I right? I'm just saying that was not a natural reaction towards a "loved" one. All I wanted was for this one person to listen to me, all I got was a, "You'll be alright", in a not endearing way but in a not being taken seriously and rush me off the phone and avoid me type of way. Which is really lame seeing as though I listen to him complain about things all the time. I just sit through it while the same thing is brought up on multiple conversations (pie in the face for me).

I think he's trying to scope me out now that is calling. Test the waters to see how mad I really am at him. Well, HELLO! I am pissed! Of course I don't choose to unleash this yet, I'm a classy Lady. I'm choosing to wait to collect myself so that I can have an adult conversation without losing my head instead of not having my thoughts together and making hasty decisions. All of that still doesn't get him off the hook about that other female though. I don't even think he knows that she did a friend request to me or if he does know that's why he's testing the waters. I'm still wondering what's her deal because I've added her on facebook but she has yet to send me a message or anything. BUT everytime I change my profile picture she changes hers to something similar to mine. Like she's in her own competition with herself because I sure hadn't been paying any mind to her until it then became a pattern. What she has on her wall concerning him is soo two years ago. On his facebook though, he added her recently as a friend again right before I decided to add him (weeks before this lastest disaster). Ugh! Never thought I'd be that girl whose boyfriend is getting caught up into facebook, of all things.

Stuff just isn't right. I never checked through his profile or even was friends with him on there until recently after knowing him for years. Just me trying to give some privacy and not become attached to facebook. There are other people out there that are interested in me and here I was stuck on stupid with this person. Silly me, I thought I was doing the right thing when you're in love. That is how it felt at least so far for this week.

*Yeah it feels good to get some ranting thoughts out.

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