Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Back!

When life gives you lemons...

Yes, I was on a little hiatus since 08/14. Right when I got into a flow in this blog life my life took a turn for MAJOR changes. I was or still am taking a hit on my personal life and home situation. The good thing that came from this situation is that I now know who is 100% real in my life and I got the chance to get rid of the 100% fake in my life. Yeah that guy I was sooo smitten for? Out of my life, for good. The funny thing is when I went on facebook to delete him as a friend his other girlfriend (whom I had no clue of) did a friend request to me. So I added her and deleted him! This all happened while I'm dealing with the shock of my life, having to wonder am I going to lose my house or not. He knew what I was going through with the home situation and just turned his cheek to me AND my kid.

I cried over the house situation. How many tears have I shed over that more than a douche-bag? Absolutely 0. I have not shed not even one single tear for any of my past exes. I think I need some kind of counseling for that. It's like a wall when it comes to that, but I will cry over an abused animal commercial or sappy show. Hey, what can I say? I have better things to worry about and people to look after. I'm still very much feminine. I'm not like stone cold manly-man type with my emotions. I just never been the type to cry over guys. If anyone has ever seen me or heard me upset it wasn't over the guy it was more in disappointment of myself for allowing foolishness.

I'm a nice, smart, sassy female that anyone would be lucky to have. It's just ashame I have to be gone before anyone realizes that. When dudes get their priorities straight and finally realize that it will be too little, too late. So with dealing with all of these things one can understand why I wouldn't be in the mood for blogging at that particular moment. I especially did not want to be a downer on here. For now I'm back with some of the things I was thinking about before when I was still in my flow.

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