Saturday, March 10, 2012

Retro Tattoo Cakes and Cupcakes

Remember when tattoos just meant you were a sailor or jailbird? Now days so many people have tattoos. They want their celebrations to reflect more of themselves, even down to the details of the cake. I'm probably the only person on the planet that doesn't have any! That's okay though. I'd rather just put the design on a shirt or cake (LOL) instead of permanently on my skin. I wouldn't want something I would later regret. Or what if I did get a tattoo I really liked and just couldn't stop getting more? See, no thanks for me!

Nicola is pretty much the cake maker extraordinaire though! She specializes in tattoo cakes and cupcakes. If you're in the UK, then you are in luck! Fairycakes and Faces are based in the UK, just outside of London. Too bad her cakes can't ship to the US. The good news is that she has custom cake toppers that can be shipped worldwide! They start at £25 per figure and are clay based and non-toxic which are light and suitable for cakes. More Retro Tattoo Cakes and Funky Cupcakes at Poptastic Bride!

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momto8 said...

love this idea!! the cakes are gorgeous works of art!