Thursday, March 8, 2012

Easy Listening

I've had Duets II for a while now. It was released in 2011. The whole CD is great. Easy listening and big band is to be expected with crooner Tony Bennett. Easy breezy Sunday music for a Thursday. Once I think I have a favorite picked, then the next track is even better than the last! You know, not everyone wants to hear and see the craziness that is so called, "music" or "art" out in the media all of the time. If I've just described your sentiments in that last sentence, then this is the CD for you. I wonder if it's available on vinyl?

Tony Bennett picture gallery

"When Do The Bells Ring For Me" (Lyrics)
Tony Bennett (feat. Mariah Carey)

I wonder when do the bells ring for me?
When someone tugs a heartstring for me?
When does it come my time?
When does the poem rhyme?
When do the songs they sing, sing for me?

To those who say, “Hey wake up and feel love”
I say, “I’m ready, show me the way”
Show me those arms that say, "Welcome to real life"
And we’ll stay, we’ll stay

How many parties more can I run to?
How many little loves can there be
Before it’s all a bore?
Forget it, I want more
I want someone who wants more of me

Like making promises good in the daylight
The thing is, here am I – where is she?
When is it my chance?
When is it my dance?
When do the bells ring for me?

Can you believe Mariah Carey belted out those tunes while still carrying twins?!?


Makeba Giles said...

I absolutely love Tony Bennett--I've been in love with him since like forever!! (LOL) It's just his style, charm, charisma, and.....that SMILE! ~Mariah: love me some her, too. Did you see the Christmas special that she did while she was pregnant? Talk about vocals that give you goosebumps! I still have yet to pick up this album (shame on me!!) But I plan to do it soon--very nice song here!!

RetroFlirt said...

I didn't get to see MC Christmas special, but I've seen her on other shows when she was preggers. Honey was blown up swollen everywhere! She had to sit down during an HSN show. I'm glad she finally has the healthy babies she's always wanted.