Sunday, March 11, 2012

Graceful Sundays

Manners on how not to offend servers while dining out:
  1. Simply explain the problem with the food and ask for a solution.
  2. Don't assume you're not at fault. If the mistake was your fault (not reading the menu or misreading the menu), apologize and ask for a new dish.
  3. If it's the cooking staff fault, maintain your composure. It helps to say to the server something like, "I know this isn't your fault, but this is undercooked."
Etiquette on tipping the server, if you're a satisfied customer:
  1. 15 to 20% is customary.
  2. If he/she does an exceptional job, pay more.
  3. If you come in with a large group make sure to ask if gratuity is added into your check so you don’t unintentionally double tip them.
  4. To the guys, this goes a long way on a date. Women love to see real gentlemen.

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