Friday, March 2, 2012

Monkees See, Monkees Do

Davy Jones
1960's heartthrob Davy Jones.
Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Image

For those Monkees fans out there:

I used to watch the Brady Bunch re-runs. I was watching them at like nine years old on Nickelodeon. LOL and I also used to be infatuated with NSYNC as a teen, so I totally understand the boy band craze! 

I think a modern day version of The Monkees would be The Jonas Brothers. 

The jonas brothers
By the way, the Jonas Brothers
 are always so well-dressed.


momto8 said...

i wanted to marry Davey Jones.

RetroFlirt said...

Aww... to be a teen girl. LOL Better still to have gained the knowledge and wits I now know about some men! ;-)

Makeba Giles said...

He was my favorite. It seems like the more the years go by the more our losses are much more devastating. :( May he rest in Heaven.