Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Wedding Cloud

Within the last year I have really caught the wedding bug. Yeah you know it's really bad when you're looking at all the wedding shows and actually getting teary-eyed. Flipping through mags in the check out line at the grocery store. Picking out dresses from BHLDN . Thinking about flowers and other decor. Joining . All before you've even been officially* asked to be married. Yeah I know bananas, right? But you love wedding stuff too (because you are here) so we're not alone in this.

*Side note: When I say "officially", I mean presented with the ring WHILE being proposed to.

photo via flickr by sweetpea11215

The topic of marriage has been discussed with my darling on multiple occasions and not even by me initiating the talk first either. So this wedding craze is not without complete reason! It is still a little shocking to me because I've always thought I would elope. I actually have no problem going to the courthouse as a number one option. That way I would already be married and have the option to do a bigger ceremony on an anniversary. Having an extravaganza would be nice, but the only thing that matters is me being married to the one I've loved for years. Truth be told, if he proposed with a candy ring right now I would still say yes! We've had ups and downs at this point and grew out of hard times together. Love is a process. I'm not saying at all that one day I love this person, then I don't the next day. But you have to be willing to work for something good.

 We'll get through this together by looking at more wedding ideas!

Why not mix the passion for retro and music in one for your day?
This perfect item is from Etsy shop Ello There !

Wooden puzzle guest book. From Etsy shop CustomDogBandanas

ADORABLE Flower girls! From Etsy shop OliviaKateCouture
 The talented photographer who took this photo can be visited on her facebook page here:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vintage Scooter Love

I really want a scooter someday. I know I'm not the only one with a love for scooters, so enjoy!

This lovely photo is 1 of 4 from Etsy shop RetrospectPhoto.
In 1946 Enrico Piaggio the son of founder Rinaldo Piaggio, coined the name Vespa (Italian for "wasp").
For more check out Vespa history and the timeline

the 2 above photos are via

1 of the many celebrities pictured with a scooter more recently is singer Duffy (who also happens to be one of my fav retro U.K.-based singers! )

Getting To Know You

Hi out there whoever you are! Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. I'm just getting started on my very first official blog. I've been typing my thoughts out on and off since 2008 actually, but I've never done this on a website just dedicated to dedicated bloggers! Feels kinda weird. I'm located in the Midwest, St. Louis, Missouri to be exact. So any fellow midwesterners and other new people to know are very welcome! I hope to make a great impression on you and let my personality show through my words and actions. Right now in life I'm going through that good ol' quarter life crisis most of us go through in our 20's so this is going to make for an exciting ride. With so much negativity out in the world I would like to post about delightful things that would make all most of us cheerful ('cause you can't please everyone.)