Friday, February 24, 2012

Parental/Hypochondriac Stress

So starting from mid-week I've been bugging out. I've noticed this black dot in the corner of my daughter eye, on the pink flesh part closer to the nose. At first I was just thinking it was a piece of sleep, but I knew I didn't want to pick at it with a wet rag. It would have been difficult to get to anyway because she has baby skin folds around her big round eyes. The next day I didn't notice it because after all it is deep in the corner of her eye, but later on that same day my mother noticed it and had mentioned it to me. I'm sure at that moment I had some sort of strange look on face, because I knew from that point on the situation was going to bother me. But I still thought it was just sleep. The next morning I checked my daughter eye and tried to use a wet clothe to get the sleep out around her eye and to my horror it is still there!

I guess as a way for me not to over react (as I have a tendency to do) I tried to look up (google) some info with the same eye issues. Here's something that came up:

From: Corner Of Eye...


Hello...a year or two ago, I noticed a small dark brown or black dot in the center of the skin in the corner of my eye. I'm not sure how long it has been there and I just havent noticed, but since then, i forgot about it for a while and a few months ago i looked at it again and it appears as though it may have gotten darker, or maybe I'm just imagining it becuase I hadnt looked at it for a while. It looks similar to a small, dark freckle or tiny mole. Does anybody know what it is???????? THANK YOU.

Re: Corner Of Eye...

There is a name for it, but I've forgotten what it is. I've had one for 45 years; showed up at age 6 after my tonsillectomy, of all things. I was rubbing my eyes like mad while waiting for my parents to pick me up the next day after surgery and someone looked at my eyes and said there was this "spot" in the corner of my left eye. One doctor said it was just a vein right beneath the skin and could be removed at any time either for purely cosmetic reasons OR if it got bigger and began to block the tear duct(s) at that inside corner.

Here I am, age 54 now, with the same "brown/black spot" in the same place, pretty much unchanged. It has never itched nor hurt. In all my years perhaps two people have actually said anything about it and I doubt many more have even noticed. It has never grown out of proportion to the rest of my features nor has it blocked the tear duct.

My opthalmologist recently said he'd be happy to remove it (yeah, sure he would!) but there is no need. It's entirely up to you unless you actually have a problem from the spot or just decide you don't want it there.

**[Insert Parental Sigh of Relief HERE]**

**[Now 3 Seconds Later Re-Insert Stress HERE]**

I know you can't believe everything on the internet. So now I have to search for the right opthalmologist, not just any ol' doctor. I do wonder if it did happen from her being a cry baby and rubbing her eyes often and too hard. I need to know what this dot thingy is called and if there's any special care for it. Plus, it seems like after the fact that I rubbed it with the wet clothe, or after my mother commented on it, it has gotten slightly bigger.

On top of that, since Wednesday both me and my daughter have been sick with sore throats and runny noses. Today it has turned mucousy with pressure in my head. Everytime I blow my nose or yawn my ears pop. Since the ears, throat, nose are all connected I just pray it doesn't turn into an ear infection for her.


momto8 said...

your pediatrician can look at her first and give you advice....I think we moms worry as part of the job description!

RetroFlirt said...

Thank you! It's definitely hard being a first time mom. It is good to know that I'm not the only one being a worry-wort!