Monday, February 6, 2012

Language of Roses

Ashton Kutcher and George Lopez
 as floral deliverymen in Valentine's Day movie.

Florists usually can't keep up with the demand of roses on Valentines Day. This is what makes roses so expensive and why guys furthermore detest the month of February. Since roses are the popular choice on Valentines Day this is all about the Language of Roses.

Be sure not to send the wrong message!

Red Roses = "I love you" Send them if your intentions are long-lasting and romantic.
Yellow Roses = Friendship on Valentines Day
Deep Pink Roses = "Thank you"
Light Pink Roses = Fun and Happiness
Pale Pink (lighter than light pink) Roses = 3G network as in: Gentleness, Grace, Gratitude
Lilac Roses = Enchanted. "Love at first sight has taken place!"
White Roses = "I miss you" and "You're Heavenly". Innocent and true.
Orange Roses = Enthusiasm
Coral Roses (bold orange-red color) = Desire!
Peach Roses (soft orange but not too pale) = Appreciation

Have fun sending combined messages with color combinations!

Red Roses + Yellow Roses = Celebration of happiness.
Red Roses + White Roses = Bonding harmony.
White Roses + Yellow Roses = Harmony

But what amount shall you give? Come here, lets talk numbers.

Single Red Rose = "I love you" (but I'm not going to go broke telling you).
Single Rose Any Color = "Thank you" (and I'm still not going to go broke saying so).
Two Roses Entwined = An engagement or marriage is happening!
Full bouquet (12 or more) = I really really want to go the distance with you!
Long stemmed  = Expensive!

What nobody wants.. Dead Roses = "IT IS OVER!"


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