Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tupperware Showers

Confession time: I enjoy reusable containers! I even like buying the deli meat that comes in the containers from time to time. They are just so handy and durable.

Selling Tupperware was another way for women to
 make money after World War II.

I would so have a 50s theme for a fun, joyous occasion, like a bridal shower!

Some things I would do whenever that time comes:
  1. Everyone would have to bring Tupperware, to go along with the theme.
  2. Recipe cards as part of party favors.
  3. Play bridal shower games, of course!
It would be so fun! Yes.. I know, I'm a nerd, but I embrace it. So take that you naysayers! Ever since I saw these next ideas in the following pictures, I've been harping on it!

Table settings

Handmade paper pom-poms dangle above tables.

Paper flowers in vases were used.
Guests drank homemade sweet tea and lemonade.

Napkins with 1950s housewives and funny captions
 are an easy way to further drive home the theme.

Champagne in retro style ice bucket

Cupcake tower with variety in flavor

A Pimp My Cupcake station label.

Guests had fun making their own cupcake creations.

Take home gifts for guests

Pop quiz, “Who Knows the Bride Best?” for guests
to take. The quizzes are on white paper
with a retro-style teal and red border.
the winner gets a prize!

Guests also went home with
heart-shaped measuring spoons as favors,
in keeping with the housewife theme.
I've also seen these on Etsy!

Now see, doesn't this look fun?! Gotta love! Though it just happens to be the two colors I really like throwing together, I would try to incorporate more original ideas so that my own function can be uniquely mine. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sorta becoming addicted to collecting those vintage glass pyrex food storage containers you find at the thrift stores!! I just love things that are pretty and useful at the same time <3

RetroFlirt said...

I love Pyrex too and Jadeite pieces! :-)